Born: c. 1826
Father: George Jones
Mother: Mary
Married:  John Cross
Place: Buckingham, Buckinghamshire Date: July 20, 1852

William George wrote that his father Johnís first assignment was in Buckingham where he married Sarah Jones who had been his sweetheart since about six years old.

The Certificate of Marriage shows they married on July 20, 1852 in Buckingham.  However, contrary to William's letter, the certificate indicates that John was still a student in London. He completed his studies at King's College in 1853.

The census of 1851 lists Sarah, aged 26 born in Buckingham living at Moreton road in Buckingham with her mother Mary, aged 49, widow, and sister Mildred, age 21.  Her father George, although listed in her marriage certificate, had died before 1851.  In their marriage certificate, her sister Mildred is listed as a witness, as well as Anne Cross, sister of John.

John and Sarah had two daughters, Josephine Amy, and Cissie who died in infancy. Sarah died a few years later. I found the entry of birth for Josephine Amy in the England and Wales, Civil Registration Index, Q1 1854, Wakefield, Yorkshire. Vol 9c, page 23 but have not been able to find an entry of birth or death for Cissie .

Since John completed his studies at Kingís College in 1853, it seems that his first assignment might have been Wakefield, Yorkshire, where Josephine was born in early 1853.

Sarah died on September 2, 1856 in Buckingham. At this time, John was working as Curate of Charlbury. Her death certificate lists the cause of death as Phthisis. Phthisis is a disease which causes wasting or consumption of the tissues, possibly related to the respiratory system. She was 30 years old.

Created by Edgar H. Cross