Born: 1680

Principal Occupation: Book and Print dealer Trader in gold, silver, jewelry and glass Place: "The Bible" 32 High St., Guildford, Surrey, England
Also. Mayor of Guildford (1720 &1723).

The RUSSELL Family had been connected with Guildford since 1509. The family business, that of book and print dealers as well as traders in gold, silver, jewelry and glass, was carried on at 32 High Street in Guildford under the sign of "The Bible." This had been passed down from one generation to the other Two RUSSELLS's were Mayors of Guildford. There is a plaque on a wall of Guildford Hall which lists all the Mayors of the town from its inception and of course, the RUSSELL's are shown on the plaque.

Guildford is located southwest of London, the old town has been preserved and is very interesting and attractive. In addition to Guildford Hall, the RUSSELL homestead, where John RUSSELL (the artist) was born; Holy Trinity Church, where he was christened and where many members of the RUSSELL family are buried; the grammar school which he attended, and an art gallery (which houses much of his work), have all been preserved

The number of children is unknown.  The only child know is John RUSSELL II.

Born: 21 Jan 1711 Place: Guildford, Surrey, England
Died: 1 Jun 1804 Place: Guildford, Surrey, England
Married: Ann PARVISH (AFN 1L8H-9ZP) Born: 1719 Place: Guildford, Surrey, England
Died: 1775 Place: Guildford, Surrey, England


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