George CROSS

Born: Abt. 1796 Place: Winslow, Buckinghamshire
December 1, 1863 Place: Winslow, Buckinghamshire
Father: George CROSS
Mother: Zilla H. Eagleton

My great-grandfather William wrote that he only knew the history of the family as far back as his grandfather George. Most of the information I have about George comes from William’s letter titled “To My Dear Children.” He wrote that George had a successful drapery, haberdashery and tailoring business in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. He also owned seven farms which he managed himself.

George was born in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. The 1851 census lists George Cross living at 154 Market Square, Winslow with his wife Charlotte and the following children: Ann, age 25; George, age 5; Mary, age 2; and Charlotte age 1. All these children, like George himself, were born in Winslow.

The 1851 census also indicates that George was aged 55 in 1851. His death certificate indicates he died at the age of 67 on Dec 1, 1863. Since the census was taken on April 1851, it means that George was born between December 1, 1795 and April 1796. The Bishop Transcripts of Winslow show that George was baptized on January 17, 1796 and is only listed as “son of Zillah Eagleton” without any mention of his father. This may be because he was born almost three months before his parents married, on May 3, 1796.

Charlotte, who was aged 43 at the time of the 1851 census, was born in Stoke Hammond between April 1807 and April 1808. Charlotte’s sister Mary is also listed in the census as a visitor. She is aged 44.

According to William, George was married three times: “He married three times, my Father being by his first wife, by whom he had also his eldest son William and his daughter Ann. By his second wife he had no issue, but by the third, a Miss Fountain, he had George, Mary, Walter and Charlotte.”

The Parish Registers indicate George was married four times. Malcolm Cross, grandson of Edgar H. Cross, has provided me information regarding the children of George Cross. This information was acquired by his father Arnold and himself. This information has been further corroborated by Dianne Mitchell, wife of Ross Mitchell, gg-grandson of George Thomas Cross, son of George and Charlotte Fountaine and through my own research.

  1. His first marriage was to Mary Ann Essex on July 16, 1819 in Hughenden, Bucks. where the witnesses were Thomas Essex, and Elizabeth Essex, possibly brothers of Mary Ann. There were no children from this marriage.
  2. His second marriage was to Anne Burgess in January 14, 1825 in Akeley, Bucks. Anne died on November 19, 1828. They had three children: Ann (1826-1874), John, my great-great-grandfather (July 19, 1827-November 9, 1884) and William.
  3. After Anne’s death, George married Catharine Bayley on November 8, 1829 at St. Peter, East in the City of Oxford. They had 2 children, Thomas James and William Henry. Thomas James and William Henry were baptized on July 28, 1830 and October 24, 1831 respectively. However, there is a second entry of baptism for William Henry, for February 12, 1832. William Henry died in Australia on March 30, 1856 at the age of 30.
  4. His last marriage was to Charlotte Fountaine between July and September 1841 at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire14. The entry of marriage is found in the England and Wales, Civil Registration Index, Q3 1841 Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Vol 6, Page 125. George and Charlotte had four children: George Thomas (April 30,1845- October 2, 1910), Mary (July 1, 1848- ), Charlotte (1850-1946) and Walter Essex (1851- ). Entries of birth for Charlotte and Walter can be found in the England and Wales, Civil Registration Index, Q2 1850, Winslow, Vol VI, Page 426 and Q4 1851, Winslow, Vol VI, Page 417 respectively.

Of George Cross’ children, William George wrote the following:

* William went to Australia during the gold boom and after a time his letters ceased and nothing definite was heard further of him.

* George also went to Australia after grandfather's death, tried sheep farming, got married and drifted around for a time, settling finally in New Zealand, where he left a family of several girls. He never returned to England, but some of the (old) girls have been over. Uncle Edgar knows them.

* Walter went to sea, but didn't do well and later married a doubtful kind of girl and started living in grand style. How he did it was not apparent, but he had a fine house at Maidenhead and pulled it off for some time. Finally he went too far, forged a cheque and I believe got jailed. Later Aunt Ann sent him to Australia with his family. I never heard anything about him afterwards.

George died in Winslow on December 1, 1863 at the age of 67. The cause of death is listed as “Disease of the Bladder Certified.” Charlotte died in 28 George Street, Marylebone, Middlesex on April 20, 1865. The cause of death is listed as ”Millitities Cerebri Effusion Coma Certified.”


Created by Edgar H. Cross