George CROSS

Born: 1767 Place:
Died: July 2, 1844 Place: Winslow, Buckinghamshire
Married: I) Zilla H. Eagleton
                II) Mary Brandon

George Cross was born in 1767, and died July 2, 1844 at the age of 76 in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. His death certificate indicates his occupation was Maltster. Cause of death was hydrothorax [fluid in pleural cavity: an abnormal build-up of fluid in a pleural cavity, for example, as a result of failing circulation caused by heart disease].

According to the Winslow Parish Registers, George married twice. His first marriage was to Zillah Eagleton on May 3, 1796 and his second to Mary Brandon on February 3, 1801, both in Winslow. Mary Brandon died on November 4, 1839 in Winslow at the age of 68. Cause of death is “Tumour”.

In his first marriage to Zillah Eagleton, George had 4 children: Mary, George, John and Thomas. Of these I only know about George who married four times. There is more information on him in the following pages. I have not found any information on the remaining three children of George and Zillah. There is an entry in the Civil Registration Index for a John Cross who married in Winslow in Q4 1841, volume 6, page 709. This could be George’s son. Also, a Thomas Cross aged 55 is listed living in Swanbourne with his wife Mary Cross in the 1841 census of Winslow. Again, in the 1851 census, a Thomas Cross, aged 70, is listed living in Winslow with his wife, Mary Kemp. Although the dates don’t match to each other, this could be the son of George and Zillah.

In the Parish Register of Winslow, there is a Mary Cross who married William Goodger on October 12, 1801. There are three other burial entries for Cross women. These are Ann Cross who died November 19, 1828 age 26; Catharine cross who died 13 April 1832 at 35 years; and Charlotte who died 25 April 1865 at the age of 57. These may be, in some way, related to George. George had no children in his second marriage to Mary Brandon.

Created by Edgar H. Cross