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Born: Date: Place:
Died: June 3, 1897 Place: London, England
Father: Thomas RUSSELL
Mother: Maria HENDRY
Married: John CROSS (Anglican minister) Date: May 4, 1858 Place: St Mary the Virgin Church in Charlbury
Born: July 19, 1827 Place: Winslow, Bucks
Died: November, 1884 Place: Mursley, Bucks
Principal Occupation: She kept house and helped her brother Samuel (Vicar of Church). Later she did the same for her husband as well as raising their 6 children.

She was daughter of Thomas RUSSELL, a schoolmaster, and granddaughter of the Royal Family's Painter, John RUSSELL. She was sister of Samuel RUSSELL who was Rector of St. Mary the Virgin Church in Charlbury. Anne Marie was keeping house for her brother when John CROSS went there as assistant to Samuel RUSSELL at this time. Anne Maria RUSSELL and John CROSS were married in this church.

The village of Charlbury is just 15 miles from Oxford. It is a very old town which dates back to the 10th century, The village and church are located on a hill overlooking the beautiful English countryside.

Anne Maria married John CROSS on May 4, 1858.  They had 6 children:

  1. William George Herbert CROSS (1860-1948). Born in Charlbury, the rest of his brothers and sisters were all born in Mursley, Bucks
  2. Edith
  3. Edgar
  4. Maude
  5. Etheldreda
  6. Hubert

On March 25, 1890 she lived in London at 5 Kyrle Road, London, SW11, Battersea where she died.  Her death certificate states "Cause of death: Influenza (21 days), bronchitis (21 days), cystitis (7 days), alveoli - dental periostitis, necrosis 1 month, exhaustion"  Previously, she lived at 10 Lyndhurst, Peckham Rd., Surrey.

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